Sunday, August 21, 2011

glowing toy eyes

So I want to give my animatronic critters glowing eyes.  I've got an eye together now that I think will serve the purpose.  It's a toy eye with two LEDs stuck between the eye and the backing piece, with cardboard wrapped in foil around the sides.

Here are the LEDs before they went around the eye.  I've soldered a 47 Ohm resistor to one leg of each of the yellow LEDs.  The foil-wrapped cardboard piece is taped to one of the LEDs here.  I'm using speaker wire to hook it all up.

The painted eye diffuses the LED light well, and the yellow light behind a turquoise-painted eye produces a nice effect.  Although not very bright, in the dark of the haunted house these eyes should show up well.

I intend to wire up a matching eye for this one, and mount them both inside a bunny head.  The bunny head I want to put on a pan-and-tilt bracket, to make it look around.

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