Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet Professor Fuzzles!

Professor Fuzzles is an animatronic bunny head that looks around and sniffs.  Well, a proper bunny sniff would scrunch the nose, but instead it's moving its head a bit up and down.  Close enough!  This head will get reunited with its body once I mount everything on its display shelf.

Here's the stuffed bunny head I started with.  I liked that it had a slightly miffed-looking expression, and thought that might work nicely in the haunted house.

Disapproving bunny disapproves!

I replaced its eyes with a pair of my slightly larger toy eyes modified to glow by adding a pair of LEDs behind each eye.  I put yellow LEDs behind a pair of green eyes.

After eye replacement surgery.
I intend to power the eyes through a wall wart plugged in to a Power Switch Tail, so I can control turning them on and off from an Arduino or other microcontroller.

Here the eyes are lit.

I've given the Professor a top hat, found in a hobby store.  The head is sitting on top of a pair of standard-sized servos in a pan-and-tilt bracket assembly, mounted on a Maker Beam frame.  I'd started out using micro servos, which fit better in the head, but the gears stripped out before long.  The standard sized servos seem to be plenty tough for Professor Fuzzles' noggin.

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