Tuesday, August 16, 2011

purple flappy monkey, mostly there

Although this poor purple stuffed monkey has done nothing to deserve it, I've cut off its arms and put them on hinges.  I'm working on making its arms flap up and down.

Here is the framework for it with one flapping arm attached.

Clothespin hinge
I've hinged together the two wooden pieces of a clothespin by gluing on a small nylon hinge sold for use in model aircraft, then sewn one end into the arm, and attached the other end to the Maker Beam frame with a couple of zip ties.  The bottom of the clothespin hinge rests against a couple of screws in the frame.  At the shoulder is a control horn (also sold for use with model aircraft) which is attached to the servo horn with some fishing line.

I'm controlling it right now with an SSC-32 servo controller.

At the moment I've got the second arm attached and the base inside the monkey.  I just need to cut some holes behind the ears to accomodate the fishing line moving up and down, and get the head situated around the frame.  Then it's flappy monkey time!

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